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Henefer Utah

Located on the historic Mormon Pioneer Trail...


Building Permit Fees

Deposit for standard plans                                           200.00

Deposit for modular or manufactured homes                100.00

Other structures                                                            25.00

Planning Fees

Pre-application Fee                  100.00

     (To be applied to formal application fee)

Sketch Plat Review                 100.00 per plat

PreliminaryPlatReview            50.00 per unit

Final Plat Review                                                         500.00 per plat

Revision to Final Plat                                                   250.00 per plat

Conditional Use Permit                                                150.00

Board of Adjustment                                                     150.00

General Pla Amendments       250.00

Zone Changes                                                                250.00

Code and Map Purchase General

Plan                                           5.00

Development Code                  25.00

Zoning Map                         By size

Special Meetings                                                            100.00

Annexation Fee                                                             500.00

Water Fees

Connection Fee

Individual Home                                                            1500.00

Commercial                                                                  2500.00

Water right fee                        2000.00 or current  market value

Outside Town            3000.00 and 3 acre feet of Franklin Water

Water Base Charge (up to 25,000 gal/mo)

Residential                                                         25.00

Commercial                                                       48.00

Reduced Rate (vacant 3 months)                         10.00

Overage to 75,000 gal/mo                                   1.250 per 1,000 gallons

Overage 75,000 to 150,000 gal/mo                     1.75 per 1,000 gallons

Over 150,000                                                     2.00 per 1,000 gallons

Reconnection Fee                                               50.00

Concealment Charge                                           25.00

Sewer Fees

Connection Fee

Each unit                 1600.00

Outside Town                                                    3200.00

Sewer Fees

Monthly rate                 20.00 Reduced Rate (vacant 3 months)7.00

Business License    

Business License Fee   25.00   

Beer License Fee         100.00 

Town Facilities

Concession Booth                      bid out yearly/summer use only May 1st to Sept. 30th

Town Park

Town Residents                                     25.00 (refunded if left clean)

Non-resident                                         25.00 per day

John’s Park

Camp Trailer                                                           15.00/night

Reserve Park                                                            25.00 per day

Town Residents                                                        25.00 (refunded if left clean)

Rodeo Arena

Maintenance Fee per day to work & water arena         100.00

After 5 p.m. additional fee per hour for lights             25.00

Concession Booth                                                       50.00 per day

Cleaning Deposit       250.00 (refundable if facility is clean when finished)






Water is turned on the 1st of May each year and turned off at the end of September each year.

Ashes:  2'x2'x2'

Baby Grave Dimensions:  4'3" x 2'3" x 3 1/2 to 4' deep

LG. Grave Dimensions:  42" x 88" x 51/2 ' deep

Those persons owning the lot are responsible for maintaining the headstones.

There must be a 48 hour notice given for all burials in the summer and  72  hours in the winter.

Only Human remains can be buried in the cemetery.

Ashes can also be placed on top of a grave that has already been dug.

One, two, or three family remains (Ashes) can be placed in one full size plat.

Only one person may be buried in a burial space, with the exceptions of a mother and infant, or two children who are buried at the same time.

Before someone can be vuried all losts need to be paid in full and all outstanding balances paid in full.

The Town Council have the right to periodically alter the foregoing fees to accommodate any increase in cost and needed reserve funds for cemetery maintenance.

                                                 cost of $3,000.00.

   NO-RELATION:  If there is no relation to Henefer a person can be buried in the Henefer Cemetery at the

   NON-RESIDENT:  Someone who has a relation to Henefer but does not live here.

   HENEFER VALLEY:  Someone who lives outside of Henefer Town Limits but still lives in the valley.  This may also include those who have lived in Henefer at one time.

   RESIDENT:  Someone who lives in Henefer

Resident  $8.00      Henefer Valley  $8.00      Non-Resident $8.00

Upkeep per grave:

Resident  $600       Henefer Valley  $600       Non-Resident  $800

Burial on Sundays:

Resident  $450       Henefer Valley  $450       Non-Resident  $550

Burial on Holidays:

Resident  $450       Henefer Valley  $450       Non-Resident  $550

Burial on Saturday:

Resident  $150       Henefer Valley  $150       Non-Resident  $200

Open/Close Ashes:

Resident  $350       Henefer Valley  $400       Non-Resident  $450


Resident:  $250      Henefer Valley  $300       Non-Resident  $500

Price Per Grave: